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Published 12 Sep 2023

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So you’ve read our blog on how to write a best man speech for your brother?  You’ve come to the right place for more inspiration.  Here, you will find real-life examples of best man speeches written by one brother to another, including those written for older brothers, younger brothers and even twin brothers.  They are long, medium and short in length so whatever your situation you will find some inspiration here that can help you in constructing your brother’s best man speech.

Best Man Speech for Older Brother

As this is my first time being best man, I was a little worried as to how long the speech should go on for. I asked around and the accepted norm seemed to be that it should go on for as long as it takes the groom to make love to his wife on their wedding night…. So on that note ladies and gentlemen, thanks very much, you’ve been a great crowd. SIT DOWN pause STAND UP Seriously now Ok ok the real speech now.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen – For those of you who don`t know me, I`m Andrew, Paul’s younger brother. It`s great to be stood up here today because, after all these years, PAUL has finally admitted that I am the best man.

I would firstly like to thank both Paul & Gerri for giving me time to prepare this speech, well two weeks anyway.  First, let me start by saying that Gerri looks absolutely beautiful today and it is a real pleasure to welcome her into our family. pause Today, I feel like I’m gaining a new sister and losing a brother. It is such a mix of emotions: happiness, joy… relief!

So lets start with the traditional bit, on behalf of the bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers I’m sure they would like me to thank Paul for his kind words and I have to agree with him they all look wonderful, they asked me to tell you they thought your not too bad yourself mate. I’m sure you all agree that Gerri looks fantastic.. One in a million and Paul looks like he always does …. Won in a raffle!  And he’s copied my outfit today! No really they are a great couple, Pure and Simple… Gerri’s pure…..

You will probably not be aware that Paul and Gerri had great trouble over the seating plan. Fortunately, Paul gave the room layout some serious thought and took the weight of the decision away from Gerri as any supportive partner should do. What Gerri doesn’t know is that Paul decided the seating should be according to the cost of your present, so the more expensive your present, the closer the person would be seated to the front. So I hope you at the back heard Paul when he thanked you for the teaspoons!

During my research on the internet into best mans role I also looked into weddings in general, I looked at the three key elements of the wedding service itself: – The AISLE – it’s the longest walk you’ll ever take The ALTER – the place where two become one The HYMN – the celebration of marriage.  I think Gerri must have done the same research as I did, because as she was walking past me, I’m sure I heard her whispering to herself, Aisle…altar…hymn, aisle altar hymn, I’ll alter him etc…

All I can say on that Gerri is good luck your gonna need it.  Before I launch into a deluge of secret tales about Groom’s shady past, I have more…  On leaving school Paul’s teenage years can be defined as several years of drinking, throwing up, and sleeping in the toilet cuddling up to the bowl…something sadly he still hasn’t grown out of yet.

It shouldn’t be too hard to believe that my brother was a deeply ugly baby. So ugly in fact, that when he was born the midwife had to be restrained from slapping our parents. And come to think of it, I recall my mum telling me she suffered badly from morning sickness ……. right up until Paul’s 1st birthday.

Paul’s been suffering from a terrible headache all day. He was going for the wet hair look and the toilet seat fell down. 

Some advice before I finish, I would like to give Paul some advice on what people thought were the ingredients to a long and happy marriage so here are a few. Turn and look at <groom>.  Firstly, set the ground rules and establish whose boss…and then do everything Gerri says!  Secondly, never be afraid that Gerri will leave you – she’s spent time training you, she’s not going to throw that away lightly! Thirdly, never forget to say those 3 little words every day for the rest of your life – “YOU’RE RIGHT DEAR!”.  Whenever you’re wrong, be a man and admit it …

Whenever you’re right, just “SAY nothing!” As they say a man who gives in when he is wrong is a wise man. A man who gives in when he is right is married.  And finally – there seems to be a bit of confusion over where Paul and Gerri are going on their honeymoon. I thought, perhaps like many of you that they were off to the sunny climes of Mexico but now I’m not so sure. After speaking to Paul just before we sat down for the meal I think they’re going to North Wales ………. Or at least I think that’s what he meant when he said that straight after the wedding he was going to Bangor for a week!  Toast Joking aside though, knowing the feeling that you get when you realise you have met the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, it’s a feeling that you want to make the most of, and we are here to celebrate that with you both…long may it continue…

I’d like to finish up by saying what a great honour it’s been to be best man today. On behalf of the bride and groom, I’d like to echo what I said earlier and thank everyone for sharing their special day. On behalf of myself, I would just like to say that if you have enjoyed this speech half as much as I’ve enjoyed giving it, then I can only apologise. I started planning it about a month ago and you must feel that I’ve been delivering it for equally as long. So then, Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me immense pleasure, not to mention relief, to invite you all to stand……

I’d like you to raise your glasses in a toast to Paul and Gerri, the new Mr and Mrs Bailey who we wish well for the future, and hope they enjoy a long and happy marriage. Paul and Gerri. 

Best Man Speech for Younger Brother

Good afternoon Ladies Gentlemen girls and boys! We have arrived at that point in the day where we must rise from the comfort of our chairs and make fools out of ourselves, well some of us anyway! I will however try and postpone mine for as long as possible and hand you over to David, Kathy’s father to say a few word

Thank you David.

I would now like to hand you over to Nigel to make his excuses/say a few words. Well Nigel, I hope you made the most of your speech as now you’re a married man, that’ll be the last time you get to speak for 3 minutes without being interrupted or corrected!

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls I hope you are having a wonderful time, For what seems to be the tenth time today I find myself rising from a warm seat with a piece of paper in my hand.

I would like to read some messages from those who could not make it to this auspicious occasion. Now I will read a few cards which Nigel and Kathy have requested that I read.

To Kathy I’m Sorry I could not marry you myself so I got one of my mates to do it, but best wishes on your special Day. From the Pope …

Congratulations on your special day Nigel we will miss you.  All the girls from the fantasy lounge XX

I have never actually been a best man before and I am not renowned for my speech writing. I promise you though that I’ll try my best, because Nigel has promised that if I do a good job today, I can be Best Man at his next wedding, too.

It is really a great honour ladies and gentlemen but in all honestly I’m actually a little bit nervous doing this. I do feel a bit comforted by the fact I’ve actually already rehearsed this speech in front of a live audience. – Yep it was Nigel’s geriatric home – and I think it went well – they all peed themselves.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tom and for those of you that do … well I apologise. My full name is actually ‘Tom would-you-like-a-drink’. For those of you who I meet in the bar later, I’d appreciate it if you could use my full name. [pause] I am Nigel’s older brother and isn’t it good to see that I am finally receiving the recognition I deserve by being named as Best man. It is well known that I can talk and I couldn’t help but notice that there is a bet on about the length of my speech. Well, just to let you know, having backed myself at 2 hours 38 minutes and with the kitty currently standing at around £50, I must apologise in advance, so please try to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride.

I would like to thank the bridesmaids Lynn, Sheryl, Claire and Alison whom I’m sure you will agree all look radiant. And how nice it is to see Claire out of her emo/hippy outfit.

I would also like to thank Harry and Nick for carrying out the really difficult task of telling people where to sit in church, Nana Julie for laying on the horse and carriage, Rob for doing the invitation inserts and Uncle Jim for doing the video.

I would also like to thank Auntie Pam, Auntie Sue and Sarah for the glorious flowers in the church and everyone else who has helped with the hall.

Now it gives me great pleasure to ask you all to raise your glasses for some very important people, with out them here today the day would not be the same, Would you raise your glasses to toast. The bar staff!!

Before I begin, Kathy could you please place your right hand on the table, Nigel place your left on top of Kathy’s. All will be revealed in good time.

I can confirm to you all that last night Nigel slept like a baby………that is to say he wet the bed twice………..and woke up many times crying for his Mummy!

The only problem i think we have encountered so far is that Nigel and Kathy had a bit of an issue with the seating plan, because they really couldn’t decide where everyone should sit. So, true fashion, Nigel decided to link it to the wedding present list He decided to put those who brought the biggest items nearest the front, and work back from there…So ***** [“pause” and look around at the back for ******* ] Nigel and Kathy wanted to say thanks for the oven glove!

Nigel and Kathy have been together for a few years now and seem to have found their soul mates in each other.

In life, it’s difficult to imagine Morecambe without Wise, tom without jerry, Romeo without Juliet, Del without Rodney, and of course Nigel without Kathy.

As I have mentioned before, it is a great honour to be Best Man, but with the role comes the job of writing this speech, and to be honest I wanted to make the process as easy as possible.  So where do you begin for ideas.

The first and most obvious place seemed to be the Internet, so with a multitude of resources at my fingertips I dutifully began searching the web.

After a couple of hours searching I found some REALLY good stuff on the net, but ….then I remembered I was supposed to be looking for Best Man tips!

I was actually able to locate tons of ready-prepared speeches on the internet…. but sadly, not one of them were about a couple called Nigel and Kathy ….so it looks like it’s down to me after all. All this research lead me to discover that according to tradition, I am supposed to sing the groom’s praises, and tell you all in detail about his many good points. Sadly I can’t sing and I will not lie.

Kathy is a lovely person. She deserves a good husband. Nigel, you should be on your knees thanking God you married her before she found one!

Seriously Nigel, you are really lucky. You will leave here having gained a wife that is warm, loving and caring. A wife who is entertaining, funny, intelligent, and who radiates beauty wherever she goes. [pause] [face Kathy] And Kathy[pause] how lucky you are as well [pause] you leave today having gained a .[pause] Gorgeous dress and a lovely bouquet of flowers. [pause]

Nigel has had a chequered life and it started some 27 years ago when quite small he entered our family and joined Mark and me. This was a sad day and a real disappointment to us, we now had to share our toys with one more person. However it was not long until Nigel was exposing himself to the whole country literally sitting on a potty in the middle of the countryside as the world went on by. Later he went on to school and by the age of sixteen he finally left primary school.

Now instead of stories you will all have to listen to my martial advice instead. I’m not sure I’m the best person to dish out advice! But I do have the following words of wisdom for the happy couple.

Firstly, set the ground rules and establish who is the boss:

Then do everything Kathy says.

Always remember to tell your wife those three important little words [pause] ‘You’re right dear’.

Kathy A husband is like a tiled floor [pause] lay it right first time and you can spend years walking all over it.

A happy marriage is a matter of give and take the husband gives and the wife takes. [pause]

Remember the 5 rings: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, the suffering, the torturing and the enduring

Don’t forget Nigel if you buy her flowers, she knows you are guilty, and she will remember to the second the last time you bought her some … and the reason why!

Are any of you are wondering why I asked Nigel to place his hand on Kathy’s? Well I can now reveal that Nigel, as my final role, it is with great pleasure that I have been able to give you the last 10 minutes in which you have had the upper hand on Kathy. I hope you enjoyed it, as it will almost certainly be the last.

May your love be modern enough to service the times and old fashioned enough to last for ever.

Here’s to love, to laughter, and happily ever after. As Nigel and Kathy start their new life, please stand and toast the new husband and wife,

If you would all be up standing in my toast

To the new Mr and Mrs Wood

Nigel and Kathy!

Best Man Speech for Twin Brother

There comes a time in every person’s life when they meet their one true love, their soulmate, their destiny. The person, who will know and understand them for the rest of their life. That moment came for Alan, 32 years ago when he met me. Hello.

I suppose I should introduce myself. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Stephen, Alan’s younger sibling. To be asked by Alan, on this important day, to the best man is an honour for me and honourable of him, after all these long years, to finally admit that I am the best!

Firstly, thanks to the others for their speeches and for keeping them mercifully short. I hope to follow their example with my own. Rest assured though, unlike most traditional best man speeches, which are full of sexual innuendo, I’ve promised Alan and Aileen that if there is anything slightly risqué, I’ll whip it out immediately.

I would like to say how lovely and well turned out everyone looks today. It’s nice to see that most of you have made the effort. Of course none more so than our lovely bridesmaids who look fantastic in their beautiful dresses. Thanks also to them for their invaluable contribution to today’s events and for getting Aileen here on time. No mean feat, as I understand she put up quite a struggle.

Speaking of beautiful, our bride looks simply stunning. It is easy to see how Alan has come to be so enchanted. If I may say, your beauty makes Alan look more handsome than he actually is. Of course I jest, as Alan looks dazzling today although it could just be the light reflecting off his hair. There is so much silver in there now that he doesn’t wash it so much as polish it these days. But I think she’s made a wonderful choice … for her first husband.

So as I said before, Alan is my brother, twin brother to be precise, so we met long before we can both even remember. We were always and still are very close. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him and likewise, there”s nothing he wouldn’t do for me. In fact, we spend most of our time doing nothing for each other.

Looking back on our childhood, Alan displayed 10 important character traits, which I believe have moulded him into the man he is today:

  1. Honesty – He always told on me.
  2. Generosity – He was a picky eater so I always got his leftovers.
  3. Integrity – We only did what he wanted to do.
  4. Kindness – Every year he always, always gave me half his birthday cake.
  5. Courage – He cleaned the top windows while I did the bottom.
  6. Thriftiness – He was always very careful with money. I once saw him drop a fifty pence piece and he was down so quickly it hit him on the back of the head.
  7. Discipline – He always did his homework.
  8. Reliability – He always let me copy it.
  9. Endurance – I’ve spent 32 years trying to convince him he was adopted.
  10. Trustworthiness – For years he has taken care of the family silver though why he chooses to wear it on his head I do not know.

He was also very clever as a kid. When I was younger I always heard everyone say ”oh that Alan, he’s so smart. What a brilliant boy – he”s so gifted”. At that time I was under the delusion that I was smart too but after our school days, Alan went off to University while I went off to the DSS to sign on every fortnight. Obviously after this we never saw quite so much of each other but I did ask some other people their opinion and how they would describe him:

Charming, urbane, witty and entertaining are all words. . But no-one said them so I won’t either. One actually told me they thought he was arrogant, conceited, selfish and insensitive. So thanks for that … Aileen. Only joking… it was his Mum. No, of course it wasn’t, because he was adopted.

Joking aside, Alan has been a great friend to me and while it would be impossible to summarise the last 32 years I would like to say that over this time he has been the best anyone could hope for in a brother, a companion and a best friend. I trust him implicitly so I know I can go to him for advice and support in the dark hours or just for frivolous stupidity. There is no better way I would like to pass the day than in his company doing nothing in particular.

When he told me he was getting married I was obviously delighted and I wish them both all the happiness in the world. While not being married myself, I like to think I’ve picked up a few things over the years.

* You should never go to bed on an argument – always stay up and argue.

* The woman should always get the final word in an argument. Anything after will be the next argument.

* The best way to remember your anniversary is to forget it once.

* Whenever you’re right, say nothing! It’s not worth it.

* Buy flowers only occasionally as it becomes suspicious otherwise.

* If asked the old classic: ”Do I look fat?” – Do not hesitate, do not say ”where?” and under no circumstances say ”stand back so I can get it all in”.

And finally, consider the words of Oscar Wilde “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood”.

You will be happy to know that we are nearing the end of the speech so before the toast I will now take this opportunity to congratulate the happy couple. Anyone who has been lucky enough to spend time in their company, know what a great pair they really are. It seems everyone here today is having a great time and this is mainly down to the weeks and months of planning by Alan & Aileen. They have done an incredible job, and spent an incredible amount of money to make this such a special day. So from myself, my family and everyone here, thank you for the wonderful memories.

Now it gives me great pleasure to ask you all to stand and raise you glasses to the newly wedded couple.

”May you live as long as you like and love as long as you live”.

To Alan & Aileen.