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Welcome! We’re a trio of expert speechwriters. Crafting wedding speeches is our passion, and we love the unique challenge each story brings.

You won’t find templates or cliches here – every speech is tailored just for you. If you’re pressed for time, unsure where to start, or feeling the pressure to bring on the laughs, get in touch, and we’ll help you deliver your dream wedding speech.


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Our team takes the time to understand you and your story. We chat about our ideas with you before crafting the first draft, ensuring your speech feels authentically ‘you’. Here’s what you get with us

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Personalised Speech

A bespoke speech tailored to your requirements so it is highly personalised and relevant

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A tried and tested framwork to make your words flow and cover all necessary wedding etiquette

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Written in Your Own Voice

A speech written to suit your sense of humour and personality so it seems natural and authentic

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We do all the hard yards so you can concentrate on your other wedding duties

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We know which approaches guarantee success, what’s original and what is now old hat

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SpeechMate Founder & Speechwriter

Meet Oliver

Hey there! I’m Oliver, the founder behind SpeechMate. I’ve assisted hundreds of people in gearing up for their special day, contributed articles on speech delivery, and even shared my insights on the BBC regarding wedding speech preparation. Having delivered several best man and groom speeches myself, I totally get the nerves! Whether you’re aiming for edgy, witty, heartfelt, or a mix of everything, I’ve got you covered. I can help you with your perfect speech.

Meet Helene

Hi! I’m Helene. I love writing and I love weddings so this the perfect job for me. People are starting to realise that, beyond mere tradition, there’s no inherent reason why men should always be the ones to speak and so I’m delighted to be writing more and more wedding speeches for women. 

I love the process of getting to know the people I write for, your daughter, and the special bond you share. I dive into the sea of ideas swirling in your mind and craft a heartfelt, flowing speech that everyone enjoy.

Each speech is a unique opportunity to express ouselves


Speechwriter for female speeches


Chief Speechwriter

Meet Alex

Hello! My name is Alex and I’ve been a professional writer for more than 20 years – including speeches, for newspapers, internet sites, radio scripts, and personal commissions. This means interviewing people, getting to know them and telling their story is what I do for a living. Having been a best man three times (and a groom just the once), I know how important it is to get the speech just right and tailored perfectly.

“The whole process was slick and seamless. Alex was great from start to finish”

Katherine Moss

Katherine M

June 2023