Personalised wedding speeches with warmth, humour and emotion

Are you getting jitters about your wedding speech?

Relax! We’ll write it for you.

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My husband loved the best man speech so much, he’s now framed it to hang in his office.

Katherine Moss AvatarKatherine M

Personalised wedding speeches with warmth, humour and emotion

Are you getting jitters about your wedding speech?
Relax! We’ll write it for you.

My husband loved the best man speech so much, he’s now framed it to hang in his office.

Katherine Moss AvatarKatherine M

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Why SpeechMate?

Writing and delivering a speech at your daughter’s wedding can feel daunting. You’ve only got one shot to get it right and with a lot of things to cover, it can feel like a minefield. Which is why more and more people are choosing to get professional help when it comes to writing their speech. That’s where we come in.
Our team of speechwriters have written hundreds of wedding speeches and know what works. We’ll do all the hard yards so you can relax and focus on enjoying the day.


We take the time to get to know you and your speech subject then tailor our words to reflect the relationship you share.


No internet jokes, you get a bespoke speech built from the bottom up. There’s no one else quite like you – we need to capture that.


It’s a day to let people know how you feel. We strive to get the sentiment and tone just as you want it – whether a full on tug of the heart strings or just a light pluck.


We’re used to deadlines, whether the wedding is two years away or two days. Left it to the last minute? There’s a lifeline available.

Meet Oliver

Hey there! I’m Oliver, the founder behind SpeechMate. I’ve assisted hundreds of people in gearing up for their special day, contributed articles on speech delivery, and even shared my insights on the BBC regarding wedding speech preparation. Having delivered several best man and groom speeches myself, I totally get the nerves! Whether you’re aiming for edgy, witty, heartfelt, or a mix of everything, I’ve got you covered for your ideal speech. I can help you with your perfect speech.

I love that people trust me to write for them

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What speeches can we write for you?

We offer the best range of speeches for those big moments in life.

How it works


Purchase your bespoke speech, after which we’ll direct you to complete our online questionnaire. It covers all the basics as well as more personal questions about you, your subject and the memorable moments you’ve shared.


Receive a call from us. Typically, you’ll have given us plenty to work with, but we want to get as much detail out of your head and into ours as possible. So, we set up an informal chat to talk through your questionnaire and probe further. Then we get writing.


Receive your personalised, bespoke speech by the agreed date. Most clients are delighted with the first draft, but if not, we work with you to make any amendments until you are fully satisfied. If not, then we will give you your money back.

“I have shown the speech to friends and they agree it’s fantastic. Oliver is very thorough and professional, This is demonstrated in the fact he provides an online questionnaire before he begins to write the speech to really understand what you require.”

Johnny H

“I contacted Oliver to take up the wedding speech writing service and was extremely satisfied with his professionalism, speed of response and friendliness. I would use his service again without hesitation and thoroughly recommend this to other somewhat apprehensive best men!”

Jack S

“Very professional and speedy service. Put my mind at rest with the process right from the get go. Managed to get my jumbled thoughts down into well crafted stories throughout a very humorous yet sincere best mans speech. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough and can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually looking forward to deliver the best mans speech now!”
Chris D
“I wholeheartedly endorse Helene without hesitation. Her invaluable support and assistance, coupled with her exceptional writing skills, made my speech a real hit! The perfect blend of originality, beauty, and humour, leaving our guests thoroughly impressed. Helene’s exceptional service played a pivotal role in making our day even more memorable. Thank you, Helene!”

Ekram B

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SpeechMate

How long does it take from start to finish?

You give us the deadline and we meet it. If the wedding is some time off we can be a little more relaxed. If the wedding is this weekend we can do that too. The important thing is to make a plan and swing into action. Either way, sooner rather than later takes a weight off your mind.

 Most advice is around 10 minutes and that’s a decent target. But it’s not hard and fast – if you have the material and narrative to keep people engaged then a little longer is perfectly fine.

Amendments are all part of the service – right up to the big day. So if inspiration hits you get back in touch and we’ll get back to work.

We hope that once you see your speech, the confidence you have in it should ease these considerably. We can also offer advice and tips to put you at ease for the big day.

Absolutely! Sometimes these can be the best part of a speech. Just tell us what you have and we can write them into your script so it still flows seamlessly.

We sincerely hope this doesn’t happen and it is very, very rare. But if it does the amendment process goes as far as ‘rip it up and start again’. Should you still be unhappy we offer a full refund.

Other services

AI Generated

Want a speech fast? Get it in less than 10 minutes using our AI speech writer. It draws from a database of content written specifically for wedding speeches that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. That means unique content for you, in a flash.


Sometimes you’re almost there, you just need a little polish and pizazz adding. We offer this with our editing service. Send us what you have and we can quote a price depending on how much is needed.